Let us help you turn your big dreams for your district into reality.

Indeed, no two schools are the same. Here at Better Leaders Better Schools, we take the time to recognize and understand all the unique challenges that schools and districts face, and customize a plan to address and meet all their needs and goals.

Education Consultant Services Offerings

In this fast-paced, highly competitive, and digitized world, education is the biggest asset anyone can have. As we all know, good education ensures happy life and through secure future. However, the competition in the education sector is more cutthroat today than ever before. School systems and educational organizations everywhere need to keep up and adapt to help prepare their students to stay engaged in the changing dynamics of the 21st century.

The increasing emphasis on specific aspects of education delivery also increases the need for improved methods and innovative materials – this is where education consulting services can help – to provide support for both the students’ success and their institutions.

Competency-Based Learning Environment

The best way to develop personalized learning on both mastery and pace is to design programs around what students have actually learned. This is what Better Leaders Better Schools’ educational consulting services are about.

From initial steps of testing in school systems and educational organizations, be it from pilot charter schools to district-wide transformation, our educational consulting services put heavy emphasis on strategic planning that can help you design educational programs on mastery-based progression.

Better Leaders Better Schools’ education consulting will work with you to determine whether you have already laid the foundation for competency-based learning, and find out which policies and priorities needs improvements.

Curriculum Based On Your School Needs

Better Leaders Better Schools education consulting will help you come up with a curriculum for both your school and district that is based on the changing needs of the students.

The curriculum is the foundation of a meaningful learning experience and student learning outcomes. However, developing a curriculum is no longer about the adoption of textbooks, which takes place every couple of years. In this highly digitized world, educational institutions and their districts need to keep up with the changes. We can help you come up with strategies and instructional materials that are based on the goals, cultural relevance, educational changes, and environmental needs of the students.

Remote Learning

While more and more schools are bringing their teaching staff and students back to their buildings, many are still working and learning remotely. Experts believe this is going to be part of the new norm going forward.

This means distance or remote learning and teaching is now an integral part of the academic progress that will continue to shape the culture of both the schools and their districts. With that said you will need a competitive and highly responsive learning program that will address all these changing needs of your community and leverage your educational institution for success in the virtual learning aspect.

Efficient Data Culture

School districts around the country are struggling with how to manage and use their data. Much collect data simply to check a box, others can’t even organize them.

For decades, educational institutions and their districts have based their policies and decision-making on standardized testing data. This is an obsolete practice that represents a limited view of students’ success, which can be misleading. Unfortunately, dismantling this bad habit and changing this harmful system is easier said than done.

Here at BLBS, all the decisions and policies we make are based on the data. And our framework for data culture includes the beliefs, values, expectations, resources, and spaces where data are used, shared, and stored.

Enact Educational Justice

We believe in the importance of equipping people with the right mindset, knowledge, and skillset to help change the system of their organizations for the better.

We recognize the barriers and biases that marginalized students face every day; these systematic disparities don’t only impact the learning experiences and lives of black and brown children, but the country as a whole.

By dedicating a huge amount of resources to recognize all the challenges, including the right people in the decision-making, and create equitable opportunities, we can address these educational injustices. Ultimately, our goal is to create a school system that will help make the school, and the world becomes a better place for everyone.

Innovative Leadership Competency Training

Schools and districts at all levels need strong capable leaders who are fully equipped with knowledge and experience to overcome the ever-evolving challenges and boost the skills of their teaching staff.

If there is one thing in common among elite teams across all sports, it is that they are led by an elite coach with an exceptional coaching staff. You can use the same idea for your school and district – to help keep your institution competitive, you have to have the right leaders who can stay on top of their game and the changing trends.

We have deep expertise in workforce development. We can help you establish the foundation needed to support your institution’s emerging educational leaders, and transform struggling educators into effective ones, and good teachers into exceptional ones.

Organizational Leadership Mentoring

If you are the kind of leader who puts heavy emphasis on growth, excitement, and passion in your people, then you need to change and create an environment that encourages that.

Rather than pushing us forward, the old ways are holding us back. While schools and districts across the U.S. spend billions of dollars in developing programs and initiatives to improve student outcomes, the results in terms of academic gains don’t reflect that. The changing and increasing demand only lead to more slip-ups. We have found better ways to meet these demands.

Personalized and Student-Centered Learning

We believe the best way for students to learn is to empower them with personalized learning that helps them build ownership of their own learning process; to make them problem solvers.

In a fast-paced and highly competitive world, schools need to keep up with the changes and embrace the importance of lifelong learning. For this to happen, classrooms must always be accessible, reflective of the outside world, and relevant to their time. In student-centered and personalized approach learning, we teach educators to be more responsive to the needs of their students. We can help you transform your environment to cater to the needs of your students and prepare them for tomorrow.  

Teaching Staff Retention

If you want to make a meaningful and lasting change, then you have to bring the right people with you throughout the whole process, especially your district leaders and teachers.

Teacher retention continues to be a challenging issue most if not all, school districts face in the country today. While external factors such as federal and state funding, higher cost of living, and better employment opportunities, have influenced teacher retention, we believe we can help you come up with the best internal innovations and motivations, even with those external constraints. 

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