Meet Kate – a  mom with 10 year-old twins, a six-year old daughter, and a  husband (who is a loyal, loyal Cubs Fan but don’t hold that against him). And although her family is super supportive, there are days when her kids ask, “Are you going to be a principal forever, Mom?” Maybe you have heard the same thing said to you before …

Kate is dedicated to her family and to her continued growth as a school leader.

Like many principals, Kate thought her #1 challenge was time, but upon reflection identified the ambiguity – not always knowing what’s coming her way – as the real #1 challenge.

After all, it’s impossible to predict the day-to-day experience of a school leader. Often Kate is faced with a challenge that is new and she hopes to find a solution that is student centered.

Kate is a principal of a Catholic school – part of the Archdiocese of Chicago – and what drew her to the mastermind was a desire to learn about perspectives that exist outside of her Catholic school experience. 

She chose to join the mastermind after a conversation with a BLBS expert mastermind coach, Paige. 

When I asked Kate about this conversation she said, “Paige was saying how much the mastermind changed her and how she looks forward to that time with her group each week.

Paige told me, ‘You’ve got to meet my group. They’re wonderful. Let me tell you a little bit about what makes them so great …’ 

The rest is history.”

Kate couldn’t believe how quickly the mastermind cohort connected authentically and created a space where she could be vulnerable.

“Sometimes I’m not 100% confident in the question I should ask for my hot seat. But Gene [my mastermind coach] is so encouraging, and through his gentle nudging I am able to ask the kind of questions I need to be asking in order to grow.”

One milestone for Kate occurred in November 2021:

“My November was a hard month for me as a school leader. I was really struggling with a situation at school. Having the opportunity to discuss what I was feeling – it was very raw – it was validating. 

One of my mastermind peer’s said, ‘I wish I had an administrator like you when my son was going through something similar.’ 

That was so powerful to hear and on that day, I was thinking of skipping the mastermind. And if I did, I never would have received that validation I really needed that day.

I’ll never forget that moment.”

Ready to Level Up?

If you would benefit from connecting with other inspiring leaders from around the world, then we invite you to apply to the mastermind.

Leadership is tough and lonely.

To lead that way is a choice.

We’ll pick you up when you struggle and fan the flame when your leadership has momentum.

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