One way to be more productive is to announce your goals in public.

Don’t be fooled, it may feel easier to work in private (and in secret). The stakes are low when you don’t achieve the goal no one else knew existed.

It can be scary to say to other leaders, “I will accomplish ‘X’ by the end of June.”

From a different perspective, “I will accomplish ‘X’ by the end of June” can feel exhilarating and provide momentum. It’s all in how you look at it.

Especially when “X” stands for a project packed with potential.

What would you be able to accomplish if you had the guts to be on the hook for the results?

Not for the things you have to do (to keep your job). But for the things you want to do (but haven’t made a priority) …

Next week I’m launching another productivity sprint. In this workshop, I’ve helped 100s of leaders set audacious goals and complete them.

You’re invited to join us.

The alternative is to keep your goals to yourself and watch another 12 weeks pass, wondering where all the time went.

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