Years ago in the mastermind, I asked members to challenge traditions embedded in their community. Often, traditions continue to exist without an examination of their purpose.

What is the tradition for? Does it still deliver on its promise?

When we have the courage to investigate traditions we might find that they are either archaic or worse, prejudiced.

In many instances, traditions represent quick-wins for upgrading your culture.

They include:

  • Grading practices (assigning zeros or A-F static grades)
  • Discipline (zero tolerance and a system that prefers punishment over learning experiences)
  • Dress codes (preferring one body type over others, preferring males over female expression)
  • Curriculum (access to rigorous classes, access to Gifted and Talented)

On the BLBS podcast, I talked with my friend and college classmate, Dr. Marcus Campbell, how he challenged some problematic traditions within his school.

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Mastermind members quickly identified something within their schools they could challenge. But what tradition(s) would I challenge at BLBS?

After much thought I found an easy win: make the “curriculum” better. I committed to choosing books representing a diverse group of authors as well as working harder to have diverse guests on my podcast.

And then the epiphany — Did I even have to host my own podcast?

If you didn’t already know, I started The School Leadership Series back in 2017. I did it to provide a different way to serve Ruckus Makers in education. This was a daily, always 5-minute or less show. It also releases on Amazon Alexa enabled devices to expand my reach.

I considered if I really cared about women in leadership and leaders of color, what if I built a diverse team of high-level leaders, and amplified their voice through the successful platform I’ve built?

So for Season Two (SY 19-20) I built a team of 12 diverse leaders. This was my proudest achievement of 2019.

Season Three (SY 20-21) will feature an even more diverse team of 24 leaders. 50% of the team are leaders of color and 45% are women. I still host, but I share the mic with some amazing friends with important ideas to share with you.

This past Monday we met for 2.5 hours and planned the entire year out. I can’t wait to share it.

If you don’t already subscribe to The School Leadership Series you can do so here:

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