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Constructive Feedback Examples from Pixar

constructive feedback examples from blbs

Today’s bonus podcast on constructive feedback examples comes from the book we read this July (2016) with my mastermind for school leaders: Creativity, Inc.  I created this show as an experiment. I wish all my listeners were in mastermind and could discuss the books we read as a group. So I’m testing out the idea of releasing […]

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Masterminds with Jethro Jones

Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast with Daniel Bauer

Today I get the mic turned on me and discuss masterminds with Jethro Jones, host of The Transformative Principal. Listen to more podcasts here During this show I discuss Masterminds with Jethro Jones of the Transformative Principal interviews me about why masterminds are a key advantage for school leaders interested in the personal development. In this episode you […]

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How to Improve Time Management at Work

time management at work

Why Time Management is Important at Work Time management skills in the workplace are incredibly important to school leaders that want to make a big impact.  The best time management tool that I’ve ever come across is not sexy, it’s plain and often overlooked. Key leaders should only do what they are able to do […]

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Take Off the Mask

be authentic

School Leaders … A Challenge: Be authentic School leaders today I challenge you to take off the mask if you haven’t already done so. You don’t have to be someone else to be an effective school leader. Click to Tweet A lot of us wear masks to work, at home, in the gym, attempting to be someone […]

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Parenting and Leadership a Father’s Day Reflection

parenting and leadership

Parenting and Leadership Go Hand-in-Hand What I learned about fathers and leadership from Bill Hybels Yesterday Bill Hybels shared a message on lessons he learned about being a parent from his father.  This message was specifically designed to celebrate dads on Father’s Day.  I couldn’t help but make the connections between parenting and leadership as Bill […]

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6 When You Are Wrong

When you are wrong

School Leaders – Do You Know When You Are Wrong? Is it time to apologize? Recently, I wrote about how people often move to silence or violence in crucial conversations, especially when discussing accountability. What is your default (silence or violence) when you see that you aren’t making much progress in an important conversation?  Mine is violence. […]

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