Years ago we read The Happiness Advantage in the mastermind.

(Nick if you’re reading I know that was your favorite book ?)

The author shares that the magic ratio for positive-to-negative interactions is 3:1.

Meaning, a leader needs to have three positive interactions with a staff member to offset every one negative interaction. If you have more positive interactions you are golden. If you have two negative interactions to every three positive, the relationship with that staff member will be harmed.

3:1 also works for online learning.

Some smart schools are introducing new content every three weeks and using the last week of the month for review.

I also like 3:1 (or 4:1) for the work-week.

Why can’t we run digital classes three (or four) days of the week, giving the rest of the time for teachers to plan for next year?

Wouldn’t next year be a bigger success if we planned with that kind of intention?

And a fun fact for those of you in a romantic relationship …

5:1 is where the magic is with your partner.

People love honey a lot more than vinegar.

At the top of this post I mentioned a book we read in the mastermind. For the full list of what we’re reading next year, click here.

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