Welcome to the Better Leaders Better Schools podcast.  This is a weekly show for ruckus makers — What is a ruckus maker?  A leader who has found freedom from the status quo. A leader looking to escape the old routine. A leader who never, ever gives up.

In today’s episode, our guest Robert Breyer is one of our ruckus makers who will share his story with you. He has served as a classroom teacher and administrator for the past fourteen years. He has some brilliant ideas about business and to execute his plans he has launched a podcast.

We hope you enjoy the podcast. All the highlights, resources, and next steps can be found below. Listen to the full episode here and learn more at betterleadersbetterschools.com


Key Talking Points

  • Introduction to Robert
  • Starting of Podcast business
  • Importance of building confidence
  • Leaving comfort zone
  • Making an emotional connection
  • AP to the principal transformation
  • Importance of learning
  • Take away from the conversation

Key Milestones of the Episodes

[05:32] Introduction to Robert Breyer

[07:16]  Starting of podcast

[13:28]  Aha moments

[18:36]  AP to Principal

[23:50]  Importance of building confidence

[26:08]  Gift for Ruckus Maker

[33:30]  Leaving comfort zone

[36:49]  First book of Daniel

[43:41]  Story for the Ruckus maker

[45:58]  Demand of the business

[47:55]  Take away from the conversation

Key Quotes

  1. “Isolation is the number one enemy of excellence and isolation is also a choice.”
  2. “Don’t try to do everything for everybody.”
  3. “You don’t have to do it alone.”
  4. “People will reveal what they need and why they need.”
  5. “People see themselves in the stories you tell.”
  6. “Leadership is service or if you’re interested in business. That’s just solving somebody’s challenge.”
  7. “I’m looking at different ways to go to separate myself from others because there’s a lot of people already doing this type of business. How do I make myself stand out?”


About Our Guest

Robert Breyer has served as a classroom teacher and administrator for the past 14 years. He was selected to the first Sandhills Leadership Academy class, which is a selective process to prepare a cadre of highly effective school leaders for high needs schools These experiences have shaped Robert into a reflective and effective school leader who sets the example for his peers, teachers, and students.

Robert is also the host of the Guiding Principals podcast.


Story Driven

The Right Story

The Compelling Communicator

The Story Skills Workshop

Join the mastermind

Guiding Principals Podcast


Tip of the Week

Honoring Students:  Follow the universities and honor your students with Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude and Cum Laude.  Get them ready for college. I’ve seen a school district do this and it was amazing because there are no questions asked about students weighted GPA’s and courses they took.  A student has to have a certain GPA and above to be at Magna, Summa and Cum Laude. It’s just a brilliant introduction to honoring deserving students and moving away from tradition.



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