FuelEd was founded by Megan Marcus in 2012 on the principle that relationships drive learning. While training as a therapist and serving as a researcher for the book The Social Neuroscience of Education by Dr. Louis Cozolino, Marcus recognized the parallels between the teaching and the counseling professions: both are founded on connection, both could promote human development. She knew she was on to something. Her action: pursue a Master’s degree in Education, Policy, and Management from Harvard University to explore whether elements of therapists’ professional training could be translated for an educational audience. Shortly after graduation, Marcus incorporated FuelEd as a non-profit organization and launched her organization with a three-day pilot training for 10 teachers at Houston’s YES Prep Southwest.

Since then, FuelEd has partnered with over one hundred K-12 schools, organizations, and educator preparation programs across the country to help educators develop the emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and attunement necessary to build secure relationships that drive learning and development.

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Show Highlights

  • Destiny’s story in changing lives with new tools and skills sets to overcome adversity.
  • Student’s behavior is an invitation to consider, not react to.
  • Tips to avoid promoting disenfranchising systems you wish to eradicate.
  • How to be a whole leader/whole person with the emotional demands of the job.
  • Put co-regulation as opposed to self-regulation practices at the center to create an ecosystem of support.
  • Megan shares Jedi level skill sets of Empathic listening.
  • Learn how to grow emotional intelligence and secure relationships with Fuel Ed.
  • Mirror areas you can grow safe emotional intelligence. 
Megan Marcus: A Leadership Wake Up Call

“If you have teachers whose cups are full, who are feeling more competent and able to provide that support for the students. Otherwise things come out sideways and you’re putting out fires constantly trying to take care of everyone. It’s something that creates more efficiency, but it’s really hard to get started.”

– Megan Marcus



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