Dr. Jen O’Ryan is the founder of Double Tall Consulting, specializing in Inclusion and Diversity. Leveraging two decades of experience in change management and organizational behavior, she understands the challenges leaders can face in developing a culture of inclusiveness for employees, clients, and consumers.

She is also the author of Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for Accidental Diversity Experts. Designed for anyone thinking about inclusion and diversity, IAF explains how to cultivate a workplace more welcoming for LGBTQ+ individuals – and for everyone else.

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Show Highlights

  • Talk about inclusion and making space safes for your community.
  • Actionable for the listeners on how you engage in emotional conversations.
  • Mental hacks and scripts you can do now to spark conversations on gender identity
  • Think about people in a more progressive lens. 
  • practical tips on how  to cultivate a workplace more welcoming for LGBTQ + and hear everyone in your community. 
  • Peel back the fear and initial instincts to get the work done.
  •  Gender is a social construct. Understand the misconceptions.
  • Helpful feedback for when you put your foot in your mouth.
Dr. Jen O'Ryan: Creating Safe Spaces in your School for LGBTQ+ Humans

“The reason that I wrote the book is because there’s so many people out there that individually can make a huge difference. They have that spark inside and they want to make the world a better place. The bystander effect is very real. How do you actually interrupt that in a way that’s safe in a way that doesn’t put somebody in harm?” 

Dr. Jen O’Ryan



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