Dr. Mike Stacy is currently the superintendent at Beechwood Independent Schools in northern Kentucky. (This is his sixth year in this position). During his educational career, he’s had the opportunity to be an administrator at the building level (elementary, middle school, high school) and the district office. During his 20 years as an administrator, he’s enjoyed a lot of different aspects of his work, but coaching principals is what he loves most.

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Show Highlights

  • 3 lessons being a 1st generation college student teaches about leading an entire district  
  • Systematic principal development within the district
  • How we will get learning get caught up
  • The right formula of leadership  
  • Getting your students and staff to let their true selves be seen
  • An underestimated tool in our profession to  build relationships
  • Interview questions that bring out personalities to be able to put into a job. 
  • How to lean into challenge and support new principal growth
Dr Mike Stacy: 1st generation college student becomes superintendent

“The number one job in all of education, the most important job in all of education is the building level principal. There’s no doubt that a teacher impacts a kid more than anyone, but a building level principal impacts every teacher, every student directly.” 

Dr. Mike Stacy



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