Dr. Vernita Glenn-White is the CEO of Glenn-White Global Solutions and Founder of Empowered Educators Academy © , a company that empowers educators, leaders, and trainers to reach their next level by using their voice and influence to create their own platforms and pathways! Dr. Vernita is a former K-12 mathematics educator, Academic Instructional Coach, and served as a District Specialist for the Office of School Transformation. Dr. Vernita has been an advisor and strategist for leaders from Principals to Superintendents to Universities. Dr. Vernita has used her skills to transition into higher education as a college professor, a national speaker, published author and world traveler. Dr. Vernita now uses her K-20 experience of combining personal empowerment with professional development to shift the perspective of what it means to educate for transformation and impact the training and development industry at a higher level!

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Show Highlights

  • Form boundaries and saying “no” 
  • The dangers in making assumptions
  • Unpacking everybody’s biases to grow emotional intelligence
  • Three dynamics of Ed leadership (Educational Leadership)
  • What a leader needs to do outside of being the manager
  • Leadership content knowledge
  • Dig into culturally responsive curriculums, leadership and next steps 
  • The blur the lines between social justice and multicultural education
Dr. Vanita Glenn-White:  Exploring bias in pre-service teachers

“The first thing I say before you can lead your staff, you need to sit down and identify any bias or your cultural phrase because we all have them. I don’t know where we got this from that it is bad to have a bias. We all have them. It’s just, what are you doing with it when it comes up, that’s where the problem starts.” 

Dr. Vanita Glenn-White



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