My experience in education includes 16 years teaching high school social studies, 6 years as a high school Assistant Principal, and I am now in my 5th year as Principal at Harbor High School in Santa Cruz, California. I have always been drawn to public education and see it as part of the larger project that includes protecting our democracy and breaking down economic and social barriers that are embedded in our society and the educational system.

Show Highlights

  • A public school truly free from fees for students and parents
  • Pilot your great ideas for relevant data
  • Develop a faculty mindset regarding rigorous courses
  • Curriculum that pushes depth of learning for all students
  • The internal conversation every Ruckus Maker needs to have
  • How to move through discomfort for more equitable outcomes
  • Why Tracey has used Organize Binder for the past 10 years 

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Tracey Runeare: Equity in school: The moral imperative to provide for your students

“You have to think about all of the different things that kids are dealing with when you’re coming up with ideas on how to help them. If there are some kids left out, then we have to think again. How can we really have Student X access all of the things that we’re trying to offer. I think that for a long time it’s been okay for students to be left out as long as most of your students are doing okay.”

Tracey Runeare



  • Organized Binder is an evidence-based RTI2 Tier 1 universal level solution
  • Focuses on improving executive functioning and noncognitive skills
  • Is in direct alignment with the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework
  • Is an integral component for ensuring Least Restrictive Environments (LRE)

You can learn more and improve your student’s success at https://organizedbinder.com/



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