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Every Sunday send my “Weekend Resource” to over 3200 school leaders across the globe. They have come to love the resource because it is short, sweet, and filled with value. The “Weekend Resource” is completely free and I’d love to deliver it to you once you subscribe.

What do you get in the “Weekend Resource”?

Free Resources

Usually this comes in the form of apps and tech tools. Occasionally, it is a free webinar or training of some sort. I personally curate these resources and only share out what I find interesting and what I think will help you become a better leader.

Sometimes Paid Resources

From time to time it makes sense to share a paid for resource. Let’s face it … the best things in life are not free. My iPhone wasn’t free nor was my laptop. Free courses & webinars that I enroll I usually blow off. I normally invest myself in a resource when I also invest both my time and money.

Great Social Media Posts

I like to share posts that I’ve created and people are responding to … Or if I see something funny or cute on the internet I will share that too.

Updates to the Blog & Podcast

People know me because of my podcast, Better Leaders Better Schools. So I share when I create new content for you!

Interesting Articles & Podcasts Created By Other Great Minds

I learn from so many other leaders and intellectuals. If I come across something particularly inspiring, share it here. I love promoting other people’s great work!

Inspiring Quotes

Who doesn’t need a little inspiration these days? I love to share quotes in this section aimed at inspiring and challenging your way of thinking. One quote I love right now is from Seneca, “We suffer more in imagination then in reality.” Ouch! I know that quote challenges me … how ’bout you?

You Might Be Wondering…

Who even made this guide?

This guide is brought to you by Danny “Sunshine” Bauer, host of the #1 downloaded podcast for school leaders. Better Leaders Better Schools has been a podcast since Sept 2015, unpacking leadership and inspiring educators who have downloaded the show 100,000s of times.

Can I unsubscribe if don't like the "Weekend Resource"?

We’re glad you asked! At the end of each email is an unsubscribe link. If you don’t enjoy the resource or get sick and tired of any of my emails, please unsubscribe. I only want subscribers that are getting value from what I send!

Do I have to read this whole thing?

Of course not! The “Weekend Resoure” normally fits on the screen of your phone, but only read the content that is valuable to you. I serve you. This resource is for you. Consume only what you want and then go out and enjoy your day 🙂

How do I go deeper and accelerate my leadership development?

You must take leadership seriously! The “Weekend Resource” and the podcast are free weekly tools to help you improve your leadership. However, if you are ready to go deep and accelerate your leadership development, then I encourage you to check out this page. I work with leaders across the globe in my Mastermind and I guarantee you will grow. This is for serious educators that are ready to invest in their own development.

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