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William Parker is principal of Skiatook High School, just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a high school teacher, he taught Language Arts, creative writing, and Advanced Placement English.
As principal of a Title I school, his school’s innovative approaches to collaboration, remediation and mentoring have resulted in marked improvements in student performance. He is regularly asked to speak to principal associations, school leadership conferences, and graduate classes on effective leadership practices, organizational behavior, and digital tools for enhancing school communication.

His first book, Principal Matters: The Motivation, Courage, and Action needed for School Leaders was released in 2014. William Parker hosts a weekly podcast and blogs at his website williamdparker.com.

William Parker Show Highlights

  • How to  deliver value at a conference
  • Connect at the head and the heart
  • Power of masterminds
  • Set goals, think, and pray
  • Is education a calling for you?
  • The phrase you should use greeting kids every day
  • Will’s struggle moving from teaching to admin
  • No one is too old for accountability
  • Don’t let the urgent kill the important
  • The folder on the corner of his desk …
William Parker is the author of Principal Matters

William Parker Resources

William’s website (sign up for his newsletter to get access to his 8 hats resource for school leaders)
William Parker discussing urgency

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William Parker discusses leadership lessons

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