Books Mentioned on the Podcast

You asked for it ...

Recently I received an email from a listener who wanted to know all the books mentioned on the podcast.

I thought ... "What a great idea!" and "That's a lot of work ... but totally worth it."

Better Leaders Better Schools is all about leadership development. Obviously, resources (ahem ... books) are a key part to that puzzle.

So here it is!

All the books mentioned on the show.​

All the books mentioned on the show

The podcast tab is a resource for anyone interested in books mentioned on the show including the title, author, link to buy, and what show the book was mentioned. The mastermind tab is a list of books that we’ve read in the mastermind.

FYI … all links are affiliate. They do not increase the price to you, but I will make a small percentage of the sale if you choose to buy. I appreciate you using the links; they are a great way to say thank you for the show!!!

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