Suzanne Mitchell: If principals aren’t inspiring teachers, who is?

suzanne mitchell on the show
Suzanne Mitchell is in her 4th year as principal of Selma Elementary in North Carolina. In 2015, She was the Johnston County Principal of the Year.
Suzanne Mitchell contributed to the epic blog post on staff appreciation where she shares a variety of incredible ways to honor your staff. We get into her tips for appreciating staff and so much more in this episode. Finally, I consider Suzanne a friend and she adds so much value as a weekly mastermind member.

Suzanne Mitchell Show Highlights

  • How a long line of educators influenced her career choices
  • Tips to celebrating staff and her Directors of WOW
  • How she went from hiring 25 teachers one year to 20 the next and then solving the turnover problem (hired only 6 teachers last year)
  • Connect teachers to why they got into the profession
  • Work a system to be in the Top 5 of student growth
  • Don’t believe everything you hear
  • Failure is an opportunity to reflect and learn
  • Leverage your leadership team to hold yourself accountable as principal
  • Be true to yourself or risk being fake
  • Powerful PD: Walk & Learn
Suzanne Mitchell knows how to celebrate people
Suzanne Mitchell Walk and Learn

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