Ryan Jackson: Courage to Create

Ryan Jackson Courage to Create

This is a milestone for the show: Episode 50 with Ryan Jackson.

I can't think of a better guy to bring back to the show. Ryan is the first guest I have interviewed twice on Better Leaders Better Schools.

Since our last show, Ryan Jackson has accepted a new position as Principal at Mt. Pleasant High School in Mt. Pleasant, TN.

He really brings the heat to this episode and he starts off the show explaining why he is so "on fire" for STEAM education, how he plans to integrate every student into the school culture, and so much more.

Ryan Jackson at Mr. Pleasant

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Ryan Jackson Show Highlights

  • #ArtAntidote and #CourageToCreate how Arts are important to schools
  • Top initiatives he is trying to accomplish
  • Mechatroncis & Project Lead the Way
  • PBL model that will change how we will view the moon
  • Connecting with each student & weaving them into the school community
  • Ryan’s mindset going out to connect with the community & staff
  • The importance of being a reflective leader and how Ryan does it
  • How his mentors prepared him for the leap to the principalship
  • Are you connecting on Twitter, Voxer … why not start a podcast?
  • Ryan’s experience in an education mastermind
  • How Ryan wants to be remembered as a leader.
  • How to power through excuses
  • Ryan’s top 5 films



Si​gn up for a time to see if a mastermind is right for you.

Ryan on Twitter​

Ryan Jackson shout out to students

Ryan's Top 5 Movies

If you enjoyed this show with Ryan Jackson, then check out his first interview below in Episode 003.

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