Rusty May: Bullying and School Safety

Rusty May on the podcast

Rusty May is the Director of the Bullying & School Safety Foundation, co-author of “Time In Teaching”, the creator of and a national teacher trainer for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness.

Rusty May inspires educators to connect more completely with all their students by training them to be assertive classroom managers and positive disciplinarians which results in more teachable time and time on task, better academic outcomes, increased job satisfaction and their students acquiring the basic behavioral skills they need to succeed in school and in life. May has conducted over 500 trainings, workshops, keynotes and breakouts in on these ideas since 2005.

Rusty May Show Highlights

  • As a counselor, Rusty realized that his main clients were teachers, not students
  • How to support the human “being” not the human “doing”
  • Do you keep notes on your conversations?
  • The story of starting School Tools TV
  • Zone or Man defense in middle school basketball
  • Zero tolerance policies don’t work
  • How to establish positive classroom environments
  • I do. We do. You do.
  • Punishment is about me. Discipline is about teaching the appropriate behavior.
  • Norms and expectations should be personalized
  • Teaching kids strengths and how to help them grow
  • How to deal with ego
Job Embedded PD according to Connie Hamilton

Rusty May Resources

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday
Mindset by Carol Dweck
Permission is the key to influence according to Connie Hamilton

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