Dr. Randall Sampson: Welcome the the GRIND!

Randall Sampson Welcome to the GRIND

Randall Sampson, PhD, ensures equity and access for students through innovative learning models. Dr. Sampson has experience at the K-12 secondary education level as an administrator, teacher and a national transformation specialist.

Dr. Randall Sampson’s focus areas include: 
1. Closing achievement gaps through the implementation and coaching of rigorous Common Core State Standards
2. Systemically increasing college and career-readiness
3. Boosting graduation rates
4. Implementing Innovation Learning Pathways 
5. Building Public-Private Partnerships through our community engagement process
These are skill sets Dr. Sampson honed through the Harvard University Achievement Gap Initiative and through teacher quality research with Harvard University’s Dr. Ronald F. Ferguson. As a practitioner, Dr. Sampson’s analysis of students’ performance data provided a national value-add approach to building sustainable learning environments. 
randall sampson on pillars of growth

Dr. Randall Sampson Show Highlights

  • Getting in the trenches with your people
  • The 6 Pillars of Growth
  • The motivation behind writing Welcome to the Grind
  • Process x Relationships = Exponential Results
  • Keep things simple
  • Culture trumps everything
  • Leadership lessons from Texas Football Head Coach Herman
  • Capture, curate, and share

The 6 Pillars of Growth

  1. Job-embedded
  2. Goal-oriented
  3. Self-directed
  4. Being collaborative
  5. Data driven
  6. Student-centered
boosting grad rates with randall sampson

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