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Better Leaders, Better Schools


The flagship podcast featuring conversations with leadership experts from inside and outside of education. In April 2019, the podcast passed half a million downloads because of the generous support of the BLBS Tribe (aka Ruckus Makers).

Podcast Series 2

School Leadership Series

Short and sweet encouragement for when you’re on the go, featuring a diverse group of hosts.


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“Daniel – I can’t begin to tell you how much your podcast is changing my life! I know that sounds like an extreme, but I mean it! I actually had a lunch and listen day where I provided lunch for my teachers who wanted to attend and we ate and fellowshiped together after we listened to one of your podcast. I’m doing another one soon where teachers can pick one they’d like to listen to with their own phone/ear buds as we walk around downtown (I actually got that idea from one of your other podcast 😉 ). From that lunch and listen, one of my teachers actually applied to your Masterminds class! Which is something I’ve been wanting to do also. Anyways, just thought I’d say hello and thank you for the optimistic and very innovative resource that has truly made a HUGE impact in my year and goals! God Bless”


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Average number of total downloads during Q1 2019 That puts #BLBS in the top 85% of all podcasts.


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The #BLBS tribe knows, likes, and trusts Daniel Bauer. Through a sponsorship, that trust is transferred to you. #BLBS is the “category king” of school leader podcasts. Talk to your ideal audience.

For $6000 a quarter you are guaranteed 2000+ downloads per episode released over 4-6 weeks.

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