Missy Emler: 3 Circles of Modern Learners

Melissa Emler Joins me on the Show

Missy Emler is the Director of Innovation at a regional service agency in Wisconsin and the Educational Administration Program Coordinator at the University Wisconsin-Platteville. When engaging in conversations with Missy, her energy and enthusiasm for learning are contagious. She is a relentless advocate for school leaders and their learning needs as they maneuver their way through this time of massive change in education.

“I’m not asking you to change; I’m asking you to learn.”

Missy Emler

Missy Emler Show Highlights

  • Compliance is detrimental to the learning process
  • The best thing a school leader can say
  • The Modern Learning Lense
  • Improving equity on your campus
  • What do we do about the test?
  • Assessment means to make more sense
  • How do we talk about the impact of testing for students?
  • Use students to tell your story via social media
  • Asking the question signals the expectation
MISSY EMLER Student's Story

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“Asking the question signals the expectation”

-Missy Emler

MISSY EMLER Modern Learners

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