Making a Podcast for School Leaders

The Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

Creating a School Leaders’ Network

Making a Podcast for School Leaders

Yesterday’s post was about leading in an open, honest, and vulnerable way.  Allow me to model this type of leadership.  Earlier this year I was inspired by John Lee Dumas’s amazing podcast Entrepreneur on Fire.  It inspired me on many levels, but my key take-away was what if I did something similar with school leaders?  Better Leaders Better Schools was birthed from Entrepreneur on Fire’s legacy.  I am now in John Lee Dumas’s podcasting family tree.

My ultimate goal – making a podcast and creating a school leaders’ network.  The whole idea behind the podcast is to create a resource, a one-stop-shop via this blog and podcast to connect school leaders interested in getting better at leading their organizations.

Making a Podcast is Fun, Right?

The podcast is here!

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If you’d like to see the questions I use when I interview school leaders, then click here.


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