The time will never be just right with Kyle Borel

kyle borel on the podcast
Kyle Borel is the principal at a charter school in Austin, Texas. Her school currently serves 600 students in grades PreK-8. Kyle received her bachelors degree from the University of Arizona in Tucson (go Wildcats!) then her Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Texas at Tyler.
Kyle Borel started out her career in education as a 4-5th grade science teacher, then spent two years as an assistant principal before moving into the role of campus principal. She’s currently in her 5th year as a campus principal. Her favorite part of her job is greeting her students as they arrive to school each day and spending time in classrooms.

Kyle Borel Show Highlights

  • Where Kyle’s “I’ll figure out how to make it happen” attitude originated
  • How entering school leadership in an unconventional way helped her develop leadership chops
  • It’s better to make a wrong decision than to not make a decision at all
  • Relationships are key and starting at a new school is hard work 
  • Power of leading with vulnerability
  • What Kyle’s Miracle Morning looks like
  • Success comes from integrity and caring for other people
  • How Kyle infuses pictures with staff meetings and Do Now-s
  • The time will never be right
Kyle Borel and her morning routine

Kyle Borel Resources

Miracle morning by Hal Elrod
Search inside yourself by Chade-Meng Tan
Essentialism by Greg McKeown
Kyle Borel on integrity

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