Justin Baeder: Moving from the classroom to administration

justin baeder for the second time on the show
Justin Baeder is Director of The Principal Center and host of Principal Center Radio. He helps school administrators transform their productivity and multiply their impact, and speaks regularly at conferences and professional development events.

Justin Baeder originally starred on Episode 007 of the podcast.

Justin Baeder Show Highlights

  • The tension you feel when you are ready to move into admin
  • Favorite aspects of leading a school
  • When he knew it was right to start The Principal Center
  • Good indicators to know the timing is right …
  • We’re better together
  • Strategy and tactics to transition from classroom to school leader
  • How serving in an “intermediate” role helped Justin become a school administrator
  • How to set yourself apart as an ideal candidate
  • Prepare your body of accomplishments
  • Instructional Leadership Intensive
  • The importance to sometimes push an important agenda
justin baeder on education leadership

Justin Baeder Resources

justin baeder on collaboration

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