John Fortney: Just Show Up We’ll Take Care of the Rest

john fortney on the podcast

John Fortney is an assistant principal at Owensville High School in Owensville, MO. He is in his fourth year in this role and 15th year in education. Owensville is a 600 student school located about 90 minutes southwest of St. Louis. John is a career switcher, his first degree in in archaeology, followed up with a Master’s in sports psychology and a Specialist in Educational Leadership. John’s wife is an administrator at a special education cooperative, together they have two children and two grand children. In his free time he uses his smoker grill, reads, travels with his wife, and spend as much time as he can with family.

Recording with John Fortney was particularly special for me. John was Mastermind Member #1.

John Fortney Show Highlights

  • How a masters in school leadership was like going to revival
  • The best part of school is the relationships
  • The importance of being around other inspiring leaders
  • Missouri Leadership Academy
  • The Kolbe strength-based assessment & how you could use it with your staff
  • Get to know your kids and engage with intentionality
  • How rural schools can approach innovation 
  • John’s mastermind experience
John Fortney shares his experience in the mastermind
John Fortney on innovation

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