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john david mann, author of the go-giver

John David Mann is an award-winning author whose books have sold more than 2 million copies in more than a dozen languages, including the New York Times bestseller The Red Circle (with former Navy SEAL sniper Brandon Webb) and the bestselling worldwide classic The Go-Giver (with Bob Burg). His Take the Lead (with Betsy Myers) was named by Tom Peters and the Washington Post as Best Leadership Book of 2011.

John David Mann performed his first composition, a musical score for Aeschylus’s Prometheus Bound, in Greece, at the play’s original venue, when he was 13, and won the BMI Awards for Student Composers at 15. At 17 he spearheaded a group of students who founded their own high school, and after graduating joined the faculty. He concertized on the cello before turning to careers as an entrepreneur and author.

John David Mann Show Highlights

  • Go-givers vs Go-getters
  • Steps to putting people first
  • Are you a friend or a creditor?
  • Give trust to get trust
  • You only lead as far as you grow
  • Assume the best of your people
  • Leadership lessons from Navy SEAL Snipers
  • The power of self-noticing
  • What can I do to make the cranky colleague’s life 1% better
  • Story of John starting his own school as a high school student
  • Keep talking, keep thinking, keep dreaming
  • Give away power and you’ll get more of it
john david mann on giving leadership away

John David Mann Resources

Best Classical Music to Listen to According to John David Mann:
Bach Chaconne D Minor Violin
Brahms 3rd Symphony
Sibelius 5th Symphony
Some of John’s articles:

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