Jeremy Rogoff: Run experiments and improve success

Jeremy Rogoff on the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

Better Leaders Better Schools guest Jeremy Rogoff  has been an educator in rural, urban, district and charter schools. He was also a Coro Leadership Fellow and an All-Conference pitcher at Washington University in St. Louis.

Jeremy Rogoff started his teaching career in Clarendon, Arkansas and continued at KIPP DC: College Preparatory, where he was inspired to co-found KickUp.  He’s helped secure partnerships, attract investment, and generate interest in KickUp’s vision among K-12 teaching populations.
In this episode you will learn:
  • Get out of the way and remove obstacles
  • Building. Measuring. Learning.
  • How to make PD meaningful.
  • Importance of serving others.
  • Importance of listening.
  • Are you communicating with clarity?
  • Partnerships are enticing, but maybe not the right thing.
  • How 2 week experiments improve success.
  • Keys to effective meetings.


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