I have an incredible amount of energy this week.
And it’s all because of intentionality.
I remember last spring when I completed my life plan (using this text) I felt so much energy.
The reason started a life plan?
I wanted to stop d
You see … if you are not intentional with your time, then you begin to drift. Tomorrow, next week, next year are all coming no matter what you do. I would rather arrive at those places in time knowing I set a course … a goal … for where I wanted to go.
This week I spent major amounts of time working on my ideal week. My first 90 days are coming to a close and I’ve spent that time focused completely on being in classrooms and learning about my new school.
Now it’s time to shift gears and focus on communication.
I read this book in the mastermind I participate in and will be using it with the masterminds I lead next month. I found it incredibly helpful building my ideal week. It talks about getting more done in 12 weeks than most people get done in an entire year.
The secret?
If you’d like, you can download my ideal week here. Steal it. Edit it. Make it yours. It’s free (you don’t even have to join my email list, but if you’re not already on it I would love to connect with you).
When you download my ideal week you will see Monday through Friday chunked at 15 minute blocks of time.
  • Black is for meetings.
  • Red is traffic flow outside of the building.
  • Light blue is for me. It provides focus, energy, and time to develop.
  • Yellow are creative blocks that will push the organization forward.
  • Orange is for email and other stupid tasks.
  • Green is for informal observations. My goal is to be in every teachers’ classroom at least once every two weeks (that’s 68 teachers total … not sure if this is possible given formal observations with pre and post conferences).
  • Dark blue is for formal observations and staff evaluations.
  • And there is a spot for Thank You cards too. I have no idea what color that is though. Salmon perhaps?!?