How to Improve Parental Involvement in Schools

boost parent engagement

In today’s post I discuss, “How to improve parent involvement in schools.” Most of my experience in education has been at the middle and high school level. It seems as kids age parents become less active or engaged in school events. Is this necessarily true? 

Some elementary schools definitely struggle to get parents to attend school events. Does it have to be this way?

Watch the entire video to hear how you can leverage home visits to boost parent engagement. I’ll also share the exact questions to ask while conducting a home visit (and what to avoid).

For a lot of districts home visits are an untapped resource to boost parent engagement in schools. 

Close your eyes and imagine for a second ...

You observe two families in a grocery store. One parent says to the other, "Did you get your home visit yet? Mine was just the other day and it was incredible!"

The other parent replies, "I didn't get my visit yet, but I can't wait to meet Miriam's new teacher!"

Sound too good to be true? It isn't! Done correctly, home visits can change parental engagement at your school.

how to improve parent involvement in schools

And that is exactly what happened at Stanton Elementary as told through the incredible book we're reading in the Mastermind, The Power of Moments.

One year into employing home visits as a strategy to improve parental involvement Stanton experienced:

  • School events that were standing room only
  • Parent attendance growing from 12% -> 73%
  • Truancy declining from 28% -> 11%
  • Suspensions declined from 321 students -> 24 students
  • Academic scores shot through the roof (too much to write here!)

How to Boost Parent Engagement Video

How to Improve Parental Involvement in Schools Video Summary

Here is the executive summary of the video, How to Improve Parental Involvement in Schools:

  • Home visits are a strategy that can boost parent involvement done correctly
  • Home visits are all about relationships! Leave the contracts and "rules" at home. Nobody cares about that stuff!  AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS! The purpose of the home visit is to develop a relationship with the family as well as learn how to help future students be successful.
  • Ask questions that focus on school experience, the parents' hopes and dreams for their child, and how the student is typically successful in school.
    • Tell me about your child's experience in school.
    • Tell me about your experience in school.
    • Tell me your hopes and dreams for your child's future.
    • What do you want your child to be someday?
    • What do I need to do to help your child learn more effectively?
  • Schools that utilize home visits as part of their community outreach strategy see a boost in not only parent engagement, but improved student performance in all aspects of school.
  • Many of the ideas come from the book, The Power of Moments, which you can purchase here.

Special Download: The secret power of home visits that will improve parent engagement

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