Fran McGreevy: Root-Ed leadership and learning

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Fran McGreevy has 42 years of experience as an educator – 30 years in high schools as a teacher (social studies & religion), Assistant Principal & coach – 12 years as a middle school principal.  Fran worked his first 23 years in private schools and the last 19 years in public schools – all in the Western New York Area. After all of these years Fran is hungry to understand learning & the conditions under which it is most likely to occur and how we can create those conditions.

Fran McGreevy is the husband of an amazing women Anne (she just published her first children’s book) and the father of 4 children of whom he is so proud.  They have provided him and Anne with 10 wonderful grandchildren.  Finally, Fran is the president of a new corporation, “Root-Ed  Leadership & Learning” who hosted our first conference this past July in Buffalo.

Fran McGreevy on the show

Fran McGreevy Highlights

  • how to see something in other people
  • leadership by caring
  • how to appreciate each other and relate in positive ways 
  • take charge of your time
  • the tough guy approach doesn’t work …
  • be true to yourself
  • story of starting Root-Ed Leadership and Learning
  • what do you love?
  • how to bring energy to your staff
Fran McGreevy is in charge of his time

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