Episode 100: I’m going all in

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We did it! This is Better Leaders Better Schools Episode 100 of the top ranked school leadership podcast in iTunes.

Since launching in Sept. 2015, we eclipsed 100,000 downloads as of June of 2017.

And none of this could have been done with YOU, our incredible listener of the show.


Listen below for a few BONUS episodes as well. In these episodes I “pull the curtain back” to give the listeners an insider’s perspective of a leadership mastermind.

In Better Leaders Better Schools Episode 100, Danny “Sunshine” Bauer takes the opportunity to reintroduce himself to his audience, reflect on where the show has been, and where the show is going.

Keep listening for celebratory messages from past guests who each share 1 tip to help the Better Leader Listener.

Better Leaders Better Schools Episode 100 Show Highlights:

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Better Leaders Better Schools Resources and Contact Info

Top 10 Leadership Books (Really Top 12)

  1. Essentialism
  2. Enemies of Excellence
  3. Deep Work
  4. Procrastinate on Purpose
  5. The Advantage
  6. Man’s Search for Meaning
  7. Ego is the Enemy
  8. Creativity, Inc.
  9. Search Inside Yourself
  10. The Art of Possibility
  11. How to Win Friends and Influence People
  12. The Go-Giver Leader

Contact Info

Take a look around the site … my phone number and all social media are there to connect!

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  • Our mission is to support people in education and nonprofit organizations to improve processes and enhance the performance of their organizations.
  • Our venture is a social enterprise and their vision is to catalyze sustainable change in our society one organization at a time
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  • Our current portfolio includes individual schools, nonprofit organizations, small and large districts and urban school systems
  • Our team represents and shares a stake with the populations we serve
  • We are strategic thought partners to leaders of public sector organizations
  • We ideates, builds and maintains easy-to-understand data tools using the latest analytics technology

Audible: Try over 180,000 titles on any smart device or computer. I've downloaded and enjoyed books by Charles Duhigg, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, and Gary Vaynerchuk so far.

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