Do You Dare Take an Emotional Intelligence Quiz?

emotional intelligence quiz

Emotional Intelligence Definition

What is Emotional Intelligence and why it matters …

Everyone knows that grit, intelligence, and vision are all traits of a leader, but what happens when those qualities aren’t enough?

What happens when someone has plenty of hard-work, casts an inspiring vision, but still doesn’t experience success.

The culprit may be that the leader is lacking emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence definition: 

According to Kendra Cherry it is the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions.

According to Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence can be broken into 5 parts:

1)  Self-awareness

2) Self-regulation

3) Motivation

4) Empathy

5) Social Skill

Emotional Intelligence is one of the traits of a leader that can separate the good from the great.  You can read the original article Goleman published in the Harvard Business Review here.  In this article Goleman obviously discusses the emotional intelligence definition and goes much deeper into each of the 5 aspects of emotional intelligence and why they are important traits of a leader.

If You Took an Emotional Intelligence Quiz Today,

How would you score?

When it comes to ideas such as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill, how adept are you at using them in the workplace or at home for that matter?

A colleague shared a great post the other day with me titled, “10 Habits of Ultra-Likeable Leaders” by Dr. Travis Bradberry.  You can read the original post here, but these are Dr. Bradberry’s 10 traits of a leader:

1) They form personal connections

2) They’re approachable

3) They’re humble

4) They’re positive

5) They’re even-keeled

6) They’re generous

7) They demonstrate integrity

8) They read people like a book

9) They appreciate potential

10) They have substance

The 10 traits of a leader are the next iteration of Goleman’s 5 aspects of emotional intelligence introduced in the late 1990s.   In fact, Bradberry calls these 10 traits, Emotional Intelligence 2.0.

You can explore these ideas further in Dr. Bradberry’s book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, available here.

But back to the original question, how would you score yourself if you took an emotional intelligence quiz right now?



Above Average?


Lucky for us there is an emotional intelligence quiz in Bradberry’s new book.  According to the author the emotional intelligence quiz will pinpoint your strengths/weaknesses and create a strategy to help you develop these traits of a leader.

Also noteworthy … the foreword is written by Patrick Lencioni, so I know I’m buying it right after I hit “publish” on this post (I’ll most likely write about my findings once I’m done with the emotional intelligence quiz and book).

Lencioni is easily my favorite author when it comes to leadership and organizational health.  I wrote about him in my Top 10 books from the Global Leadership Summit.

My favorite book of his is The Advantage, but The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is not far behind.  If you’re serious about becoming a great leader or getting better as a leader then you need to read Lencioni.

Consider taking your leadership to the next level and pick up one, if not all of these books.

If you had to pick one of Bradberry’s traits of a leader, which is your strongest … which is your weakest?

My strongest would definitely be that I’m approachable.  I would like to develop my ability to stay positive.

This link was the top hit for emotional intelligence exercises although I look forward to learning from what the book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, has to say.

I found the “Empty the Wallet, Pockets, or Purse” and “Celebrate New Goals” to be the most interesting.

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