Attitude of Gratitude with Danny Sunshine Bauer

Mambokadzi Wangu helps me develop gratitude

In today’s show, Danny “Sunshine” Bauer, host of Better Leaders Better Schools shares some of attitude of gratitude hacks with the listeners. These are tips and tricks to develop a more positive mindset and outlook which the listener can implement today.

Is there anything more important than developing an attitude of gratitude for leaders?

You can limit the stress, turmoil, and conflict leaders face by changing your mindset in this simple way.

Attitude of Gratitude Show Highlights

  • What is the “Awesome Jar” and how to make one
  • Why you should start journaling today
  • How to complete a 5 minute journal
  • Practicing “Loving kindness” meditation
  • 20+ ways to appreciate staff
  • The “Daily Practice”
  • “Secret System” of How to Achieve More in 12 Weeks Than Most People Do in an Entire Year
  • The power of masterminds

Learn simple attitude of gratitude tactics from @alienearbud #education #leadership #blbs

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i learned this attitude of gratitude from james altucher

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