Connie Hamilton: How to ask better questions

Connie Hamilton on Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

Connie Hamilton is an admitted curriculum geek.  She’s been seen with Fisher and Frey in her hands at the beach during summer break, using her store of knowledge and life lessons to synthesize new perspectives and make connections that deepen understanding of complex pedagogical applications.

Connie Hamilton leadership advice

Connie Hamilton never outgrew her 4-year old mindset of asking question after question.  As a 20+ year veteran in the educational field, Connie excels at using her communication skills, masterfully using effective questioning to clarify situations and distill information and data fundamental to the creation of logical, thorough, and realistic solutions.

Connie Hamilton Show Highlights

  • The “look at me I have all the answers” leadership model didn’t work
  • Why questions are more valuable than answers
  • How to ask better questions
  • If you want to build great teams do this ____
  • How Connie finds untapped resources in her people
  • Why Connie would tell herself “shut-up” as a novice principal
  • Connie’s new book that is coming out …
  • Be faithful to your calendar
  • Focus on impacting the individual
  • The problem in education is that everything works
Connie Hamilton talking about resources

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