Chanie Wilschanski: Embed the Capacity of Greatness in Your People

Chanie Wilschanski empowering leaders
Chanie Wilschanski, an early childhood strategist and leadership coach. She works with EC directors to help them build a school of excellence. Schools that want to make a bigger impact by creating a collaborative culture, parent relationships and teachers as leaders!
Chanie believes that – No matter the stage of your school, the size of your staff and children or how big your budget —- schools are powered by the PEOPLE!

As a mom of 3 little kids ages 2, 5 and 7, Chanie Wilschanski loves to observe, do research and learn and make the time to read 2 books a week on leadership, school cultures, mindset and early childhood.
Discover Ed Consulting

Chanie Wilschanski Show Highlights

  • The story of DiscoverEd Consulting
  • How to embed the capacity of greatness in your people
  • The correlation between Parents and Leadership 
  • Your people are someone’s treasured son or daughter
  • The importance of using voice and video 
  • Plan your tomorrow
  • The “Block and tackle” method via Todd Herman
  • The EC Leadership Conference
  • Themes learned from launching the EC Leadership Conference
  • Leaders don’t have to know everything 
Chanie Wilschanski leadership advice
Chanie Wilschanski leadership quote

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