Boost Your Impact by Using Cascading Communication

Cascading Communication

Email Effectiveness

Is email the most effective way for school leaders to communicate?

I think we all love email for two reasons.

  1. It is easy.
  2. It is efficient.

We can send thousands of emails to thousands of people in a relatively short time.  The problem with this mode of communication is that it keeps us busy and fools school leaders into believing that they are communicating effectively.

How often have you thought … “I sent that email and now people know [the topic of the email] … I’ve done what I need to do to communicate.”

If you sat down right now and assessed your email effectiveness, what grade would you give email for communicating the message that needed to be received?

Too often we misinterpret email effectiveness because it is effective for the sender, the school leader.

How often do you craft an email with your audience in mind?

How long are you emails?

What frequency do you send them?

Is there any consistent messaging?

What is the tone … do you SHOUT or use underlining in ways that makes your staff’s blood pressure increase and stick pins in their school leader voodoo doll?

If Email Isn’t The Answer for School Leaders What Is?

An Old-Fashioned Solution …

In the video below I share the idea of Cascading Communication which I learned from Patrick Lencioni.  Cascading Communication is a simple tool that you can implement today.

See … Cascading Communication is such a simple idea that you can start it today!  Maybe you are already using it in some form or fashion.  Maybe you have gotten away from using Cascading Communication because things got busy and email seemed to be so much easier.

As promised here are the links I talked about in the video.

You can pick up The Advantage from Amazon here.

You can learn more about the Willow Global Leadership Summit here.


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