“This [book] will become a desk reference for every school leader everywhere.”

–Superintendent Mike Lubelfeld

calm in the chaos

Do you ever wonder how some leaders
make it look so easy?

Do you ever wonder how some leaders make it look so easy?

They are calm, composed, and confident no matter what is thrown their way.

“How do they do that?” you may have wondered … And in a moment of self-doubt you probably have thought, “I could never do that.”

But you can. There’s a centuries-old playbook that can show you how to make this choice—to choose calm in the chaos—time and time again. Stoic philosophy has been used for centuries by leaders like Admiral James Stockdale, President Theodore Roosevelt, and Arianna Huffington.

You can use these principles, too. This book will show you how.

School leadership is hard work. It will never be easy. But it certainly can be easier.

It’s a choice you get to make.

So will you ignore this invitation?

Or will you dig-in and apply this ancient philosophy and use it to your advantage and to the benefit of your school community?


“This book is like a magic compass pointing the way to a positive impact. Using Stoicism, the authors show readers how to build trust, confidence, and inspiration for what a team can achieve together. Use this book as a framework for great leadership and a map for the journey toward a rich legacy!”

-Brad Black

Humanex Ventures President and CEO

“Turbulent times in education require a radical rethinking of leadership tactics. This is a brilliant and practical guide that awakens the masterful concepts of Stoicism and demonstrates their timeless impact on successful organizations.”

–Jennifer Womble

Conference Chair of FETC

“This book will fill your mind and heart with the concepts of Stoicism while stretching your own personal and professional core leadership values. It will cause you to not only reflect upon yourself and your work, but it will also leave you with practical ways to lead better, feel more deeply, and ultimately, become a better person. It’s a must-read for leaders and their teams looking to engage in reflective dialogue and navigate the complexities of leadership.”

-Dr. Courtney Orzel

IASA Associate Director of Professional Development

“Being an education leader is one of the greatest responsibilities that can be bestowed upon an individual. These leaders are responsible for shaping students’ minds to better the world while also looking out for the needs of staff. On top of that, education leaders face daily challenges, critical decisions, resentment, anger, envy, and much more. In this book, Bauer and Robbins use timeless Stoic wisdom to provide proven, award-winning strategies and great team-building activities that help education leaders find ‘calm in the chaos.’”

-Damon West

Bestselling Author of The Coffee Bean

“Political unrest, racial tensions, and unrealistic expectations are just some of the realities that educators face daily. In this book, Bauer and Robbins not only provide strategies for educational leaders to overcome these continuous waves of tension, but they also share thought-provoking team- building activities leaders can use to strengthen those around them.”

-Chris Singleton

Award-Winning Author and Keynote Speaker


CALM IN THE CHAOS is the perfect book for district book studies for three reasons:

  1. The authors have lived and survived the same chaos that faces you as a school leader. They are your trusted mentors.
  2. Case studies explore the four virtues of Stoic philosophy and ask readers how they would apply these ancient principles.
  3. The book is practical and can be read in an hour. The discussions inspired by CALM IN THE CHAOS is where the true value is. Upgrading leadership mindset at scale is foundational to any high performing system.
calm in the chaos

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