Forget about Balance with Amy Heavin

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Better Leaders Better Schools guest Amy Heavin is the principal at Ryan Park Elementary School, MSD of Steuben County in Angola, IN. She has been a school administrator since 2010, and taught middle school English for 8 years prior to that in Pasadena, CA, and Kendallville, IN. Passionate about curriculum and instruction, she pursues learning opportunities to blend 21st century essential skills instruction with best practices, leading through collaboration and coaching efforts.
Amy Heavin is a moderator for the #INeLearn Twitter chat and monthly writer for Fractus Learning, she promotes integration of strong pedagogy with technology in the classroom. She is the mother of 3 growing boys and wife of Angola High School principal.

In this episode you will learn

  • Why you should forget about balance … instead practice being present and create quality time
  • Lean on your team and distribute leadership
  • How to build a maker space
  • It starts with a “Yes”
  • The problem with individual classes
  • Keep the focus on the kids
  • Ask questions to create meeting agendas
  • How she flips staff meetings
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