Adam Pisoni: Designing the Future of School

adam pisoni jois me on the podcast

Adam Pisoni started Abl to help all schools move beyond the 20th century model of education. Two and a half decades after dropping out of high school, he returned to the field of education to rethink the structure of school as we know it. His career has been focused on helping organizations become more agile and responsive, and now he brings this expertise to schools.

Prior to Abl, Adam Pisoni co-founded Yammer in 2008, ultimately creating one of the fastest growing SaaS companies of all time. He oversaw product, analytics, and engineering, scaling the company to 500 employees until Yammer sold to Microsoft in 2012 for $1.2 Billion. To clear his head, Adam also enjoys long bike rides, backpacking, and rock climbing.

If we started to design schools today ... what would they look like? @ablschools @alienearbud #educatio #blbs

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Adam Pisoni Show Highlights

  • How a listening tour started his company Abl
  • What prevents traditional school from meeting the needs of all their kids
  • Abl allows data to guide through terrible trade-offs and challenging constraints
  • The problems with current master scheduling systems
  • How school leaders can apply agility and responsiveness to education
  • Try testing small things first
  • Everything is an experiment 
  • Reframing success and failure
  • Should we run schools top-down?
  • Model agnostic philosophy
  • How Adam uses cadences in his company
  • Consent vs Consensus (integrated decision making)
  • Real change starts by engaging the community
adam pisoni on school design
adam pisoni on school hierarchy

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SSV is also giving away the Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas for 2017. Download the guide here.