Jeff Becker: Improving Your Communication and Influence

Jeff Becker Joins me on the Show

After years of working with students and schools as a motivational speaker, Jeff Becker realized that today’s students need more.  He’s now the founder of the national organization Can Do U, and it’s from this revolutionary platform that he and his team help busy principals to create the school culture of their dreams through packages of motivational speeches, engaging videos, discussion and activity guides, and leadership camps.  He spends all of his time helping principals to win, and cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles, hoping they can do so as well. He loves his wife, two kids, beef jerky, and peanut M&Ms.

Jeff Becker Show Highlights:

  • What Jeff’s eight-month-old has taught him about happiness
  • Jeff’s morning routine and identifying his top 3-5 things for the day
  • How being a recovering copier salesman has helped him pivot
  • How Jeff helps students reach their goals
  • Giving students a positive voice throughout the year
  • Why does communication matter?
  • 3 tips to vastly improve your communication and influence
  • Lack of preparation is a symptom of a larger problem; it exposes your priorities
BLBS 185: Improving your Communication and Influence

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BLBS 185: Improving your Communication and Influence

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