Courtney Elmer: Stress Less in School Leadership

Courtney Elmer Joins Me on the Show

After overcoming cancer at 25, Courtney Elmer has made it her mission to show her fellow female entrepreneurs – especially busy moms – how to eliminate stress so they can feel clear, focused, and in control of their life and business.

Through private coaching, online courses, speaking appearances, and exclusive retreats, Courtney changes the lives of women by teaching them how to stop feeling overwhelmed and live a more vibrant and fulfilling life. #StressLESS and #LiveMORE is her motto, after all!

Courtney Elmer makes her home in the fun and funky city of New Orleans with her husband, Alan, and their son, AJ, as well as their fur-friends Ace and Deuce.

To learn more about Courtney, visit or follow her on Instagram @CourtneyElmer_ to learn how to have success without the stress and create a more satisfying life!

Courtney Elmer Show Highlights:

  • Work became her everything and the consequences of that
  • The mirage of success with “things” vs success of your soul
  • When you walk the talk and live what you preach your life aligns to those goals
  • Do you have the support to call you out when you fall into bad habits
  • How Courtney nurtures herself
  • One way you can use an email “Vacation” responder
  • How to cultivate awareness

“I felt chained to my work which led to deep depression”

-Courtney Elmer

BLBS EP 181: Courtney Elmer - Stress Less in School Leadership

Courtney Elmer Resources:

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“You can’t give from an empty well”

-Courtney Elmer

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BLBS EP 181: Courtney Elmer - Stress Less in School Leadership

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