Dr. Sanée Bell: Be Excellent on Purpose

Sanee Bell Joins me on the Show

Dr. Sanée Bell is the principal of Morton Ranch Junior High in Katy, TX. She has served as an administrator since 2005 at both the elementary and secondary levels. Sanée was recognized as the 2015 Katy ISD Elementary Principal of the Year. Prior to becoming an administrator, Sanée taught middle school and high school English and also coached girls basketball. She earned her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston Clear Lake, where she currently serves as an adjunct professor.

Sanée Bell is passionate about authentic, purposeful learning for students and teachers, and also has a strong passion for leadership and its impact on teacher engagement, student learning and school culture.  She recognizes her impact as a leader and uses her role to inspire, motivate, and empower others. Sanée has presented at local, state, national and international conferences, and has written publications and several guest blog posts focused on leadership and its impact on students and teachers. She shares her thoughts on leadership on her blog saneebell.com and via Twitter @SaneeBell.

Sanée Bell Show Highlights:

  • Take care of yourself prior to work to get the most of your work day
  • Planning the day with intention (and with your admin assistant)
  • How to recalibrate when you drop a new (but good) habit
  • Building high performance teams
  • Honoring your individual team member strengths
  • Ah-ha moments of understanding who you are a leader vs the actual organization you lead
  • Collaborating on the #EdWriteNow Vol II
  • Preventing teen suicide with the Will to Live Foundation
  • How to engage in productive conflict via collective agreements

“You can’t principal from the office”

-Dr. Sanée Bell

Dr. Sanee Bell Excellent On Purpose

Sanée Bell Resources:

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“Be excellent on purpose”

-Dr. Sanée Bell

Dr. Sanee Bell Excellent On Purpose

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