Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz: Solving Poverty in Your Local Community

Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz Joins me on the Show

Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz fights poverty. She has walked with dozens of families as they made it completely out of poverty. Rebecca sees poverty as the main driver for most social problems. So let’s get people out of poverty! She works with kids, parents, educators and communities to do just that! Trauma-informed and restorative justice principles are the tool belt. Changed mindsets become the toolbox and relationships are the playground for taking this age old dilemma and turning it into a winnable game.

Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz Show Highlights:

  • What are we missing and what can we do better?
  • Tips on being a more flexible leader
  • The to-do list will always be there and how to deal with that
  • How Rebecca leverages community to push through roadblocks
  • Rebecca’s remarkable story of escaping poverty
  • The power of disarming and empowering
  • Middle class strategies don’t work for at risk kids.
  • Parents living in poverty and educators want the same thing
  • “How do we solve this together?” philosophy
  • Creating welcoming environments for all
  • How to crush parent – teacher conferences

“We need you to tell us how to solve it”

-Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz

Rebecca Lewis Solving Poverty in your Community

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Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz Contact Info

Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz What We Can Do Better?

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