Kimberley O’Brien: The Story of Quirk Kid

Kimberly O'Brien Joins Me On the Show

Kimberley O’ Brien began her career in child psychology with young offenders providing therapy for juveniles aged 10 – 16 years. She gained skills in Developmental Psychology and Play Therapy before traveling extensively to acquire cross-cultural experience with non-English speaking children. Returning to Australia, in 2000, Kimberley established her first clinic as a sole- practitioner and later launched Quirky Kid in 2007 with her partner, Leonardo Rocker. Quirky Kid has since expanded to include two clinics and a creative team of ten, producing award-winning educational resources for classrooms and clinics worldwide. Kimberley, Leonardo and their two children, Olivia (11) and Ben (7) live in Sydney, Australia.

Kimberley O’Brien Show Highlights:

  • Kimberley’s why for working with kids as a child psychologist
  • Tips for getting people in the mood for talking
  • Why Kimberley’s office CANNOT look like a principal’s office
  • The importance of a name and what it communicates …
  • The Best of Friends program, a great SEL program to consider for your school
The Story Of Quirk Kid

Kimberley O’Brien Resources:

Kimberley O’Brien Contact Info

Why Kimberley’s office CANNOT look like a principal’s office

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