Alexander Lowry: What Educators can learn from the Finance Industry

Alexander Lowry Joins me on the Show.

Alexander Lowry is a professor of finance as well as Advisor and Board of Directors Member for fintech and financial services companies. Which means he is transforming, accelerating, and advising businesses that students he is educating want to work for.

As a professor, Alexander helps students understand how the financial services industry works. He also lead a master’s in financial analysis program, helping students bridge their liberal arts background to a focused career in finance.

As a Board member, Alexander works with fintech and financial services companies that want to transform traditional industry business models to unleash exponential growth and value. He brings expertise in governance, strategy, growth, financial management and operations.

As a CEO advisor, Alexander mentors CEOs and Boards who want to turn strategy into action. Currently working with 20+ early stage and middle market businesses.

Alexander Lowry Show Highlights:

  • Alexander’s interesting new MBA program
  • Top down vs bottom up framework for innovation and change
  • What Alexander has learned from Wharton and his for profit endeavors
  • Tempering intensity in order to achieve the vision
  • 5 big buckets of life
  • What goal setting looks like within a team
  • VAKOG model of communication
  • The Pareto principle in school leadership
  • Leading from behind
  • How to setup a personal board

“Where is good, good enough, and where do I need perfection?”

-Alexander Lowry

Alexander Lowry Finance Industry

Alexander Lowry Resources:

Alexander Lowry Contact Info

Alexander Lowry Perfection

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