Daniel Kelley: What I Learned as the 2017-2018 NASSP President

Dan Kelley Joins me on the Show

Daniel P. Kelley is an educator, instructional leader, and innovator. Before assuming the presidency of NASSP in 2017, Dan served as principal of Smithfield High School in Smithfield, RI, and was named the 2012 Rhode Island Principal of the Year. Before this, he served as a high school assistant principal; a high school and middle school special education teacher; and a middle school math and science teacher.

As a leader in education, Dan believes in challenging current instructional practices to provide creative and effective opportunities for students to learn, grow, and succeed. He is passionate about educational leadership that builds strong relationships with faculty and the community, utilizing social media to foster connections between educators, and establishing Personal Learning Networks for collaboration and professional development.

Dan Kelley Show Highlights:

  • What Dan has learned through conversations with principals across the United States.
  • The principal + teacher shortage
  • Why Twitter is the best social media tool for educators
  • Dan’s biggest “Aha” moments as the President of NASSP
  • The need for Principal coaching / mentoring
  • Education is not broken
  • The mistake of not listening

Dan Kelley What I Learned as NASSP President

Dan Kelley Resources:

Dan Kelley Contact Info

Dan Kelley Principal and Teacher Shortage


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