Jessica Cabeen: Hacking Early Learning

Jessica Cabeen Joins me on the Show

Jessica Cabeen is the Principal of the “Happiest Place in Southeastern Minnesota”, the Woodson Kindergarten Center. She has been an assistant middle school principal, a special education supervisor, and special education teacher. She started her career as a Music Therapist and worked with adults with disabilities and adolescents in residential settings in Iowa and Illinois. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, a Masters in Special Education from the University of Saint Thomas, and her administrative licenses from Hamline University.

Jessica was awarded the NAESP/VINCI Digital Leader of Early Learning Award in 2016 and in 2017 was named the Minnesota National Distinguished Principal. Jessica is active on social media (@JessicaCabeen) and co-moderates #ECEChat as well as engages with other educators looking to make all things possible for our young learners, and learners that are young at heart.

She enjoys quality time at home with her husband Rob, and her two sons Kenny and Isaiah.

Jessica Cabeen is the author of Hacking Early Learning and originally starred in Episode 078 of this podcast.

Jessica Cabeen Show Highlights:

  • What it’s like to be a recovering Middle School AP
  • The importance of shadowing students and teachers
  • Jessica’s system for writing a personal note to every single student at the beginning of the year
  • Jessica has no email on her phone … could you?
  • “Leaders go first” – Jessica’s approach to introducing new tech
  • Have students focus on creating as opposed to consuming content and tech
  • What brought Jessica to the Mastermind
  • The first question you should ask is the one you don’t know the answer to
Jessica Cabeen: Hacking Early Learning

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