Crystal Scillitani: Take Care of Yourself and Your People

Crystal Scillitani Joins Me on the Show

Crystal Scillitani is the founder of LeadingUp Consulting, a consulting firm based in North Carolina focused on advancing student achievement by strengthening teachers and school leaders. Crystal is a 25-year veteran of North Carolina schools and universities – serving in multiple roles from teacher to Principal to course instructor of Elementary Education at North Carolina State University. Prior to her career in education, Crystal also served in the United States Air Force.

In her free time, Crystal Scillitani loves to run and work out, especially with her big goofy dog, Cooper. Crystal and her husband love to travel when she’s not spending time with their son, Matthew, a junior at East Carolina University.
“You get the best out of others, when you give the best of yourself.”
-Harvey Firestone

Crystal Scillitani Show Highlights

  • How to act with honor and integrity
  • The importance of family outside of biological families
  • Taking care of one another
  • Noticing people and developing future leaders
  • You get the best out of others, when you give the best of yourself
  • Leadership … being a part of the solution.
  • Seeing people as people
  • Stay off your phone for the first hour of every day
  • Are you volunteering?
  • What are you doing for rest?
  • Surround yourself with competent people
  • Being too quick in the decision making process is a mistake to avoid
Crystal Scillitani Best Of Others
CRYSTAL SCILLITANI Take Care of Yourself

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