David Kincade: Make a Million with Grants

David Kincade Joins me on the Show
David Kincade‘s background includes five years as a successful grant writer totalling over $2.2 million in wins. He has written several winning applications for nearly every prestigious business award in Alberta.
Prior to Alberta Business Grants, David worked for four years at the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as a finance research analyst and executive assistant to the leader of the official opposition. He has taught political science students at the University of British Columbia, Wilfrid Laurier University, Grant MacEwan University, and the University of New Brunswick. David speaks enough French to get by and holds a Master’s degree in Canadian Politics specializing in media and public opinion.

David Kincade is a member of the Edmonton Sunrise Rotary Club and plays recreational hockey. As a member of Aaron Walker’s Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind (www.viewfromthetop.com), David is committed to living a life of success and significance in his community.

David Kincade Show Highlights

  • How David got started with grants
  • Grants = following the money
  • 3 areas of education grant funding
  • How Rotary clubs fund schools
  • The secret to leadership and grant funding is the same … relationships
  • Connect businesses + politicians
  • Why would corporations want to fund an agriculture project?
  • 3 steps to finding a grant
  • Grants love to support bold & innovative
  • Grants are called everything except “Grant”
David Kincade Secrets of Winning Grants

David Kincade Resources

Studying Efficiently and Effectively
Call David: 780-297-6177

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