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Sarah Johnson on the show

Sarah Johnson has been an educator in Northwest Wisconsin for thirteen years, first as an English Teacher and then as a building principal. She is entering her sixth year in school administration and is currently a high school principal in Spooner, WI. Sarah is passionate about leadership and building collective leadership in schools.

Sarah Johnson is currently writing a book with two of her favorite people in the world, the topic of which is being a balanced leader at home, work, and life to be able to stay in leadership. Sarah seeks this balance in her own life by pursuing passions such as running and writing, focusing on family with her two young daughters, and honing leadership skills to be her best version of a leader and to grow professionally. Sarah believes that leadership is a calling and she is proud to answer every day!

Sarah Johnson Show Highlights

  • The powerful story how Sarah changed tracks from Journalism to Education
  • Do you know QPR Training?
  • Sarah and her two favorite people working on a book about Balance
  • Steps to Achieve Balance
  • Skills needed to run a 1000 days in a row …
  • Just do better than you did before
  • Do you avoid quiet because pain might lurk there?
  • How to “take stock” and be more self aware
  • Why Sarah is able to be reframe things in a positive way
  • What her dad taught her about leadership
  • What Intervention/Enrichment time looks like at her school
sarah johnson on self awareness
sarah johnson on balance

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